What’s Wrong with Science Fiction?

“For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker Alex Jones reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination, Operation: ENDGAME”

This is…Pure.  Nonsense.

It’s based on a core science fiction fallacy repeated by too many writers over the last few decades:  Only one aspect of our technosphere will change in the future; everything else will remain the same.

Did this happen in the last 2o0 years?  Of course not.  Did it happen since SF writers started spewing this garbage?  Hell no.  Look around you.  See what hundreds of millions of people have achieved.

Those of us who take the implications of accelerating technology seriously know that it will continue to profoundly change every aspect of our technological lives.  For instance, instead of worrying about leaving the rest of mankind behind in the dust, we should be expecting to meet the Singularity with everyone as we “grow our own” with easily replicated replicators, and as our nanobots repair and maintain our young, healthy bodies.

Dystopia is out of fashion because it simply does not align with Optimism as the New Realism.

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Using the Internet to Provide Highly Individualized Education

The Apollo Group owns the University of Phoenix, the on-line college.  They recently purchased Carnegie Learning, producer of a wide variety of math tutorials.  This article describes what’s going on.  Clearly, Phoenix will put these to good use for their students.  But why stop there?  Imagine Khan Academy’s science courses, Carnegie’s math tutorials, and equivalent offerings from other on-line education providers in all scholarly disciplines providing highly individualized education in all fields for all interested students of all ages!

Can we say “revolution?”  Sure.  The existing education establishment won’t know what hit it.  Home-schoolers will be able to easily afford excellent education hand-tailored to their interests and needs.  The high cost of school campuses will be eliminated.  The on-line marketplace will ease out poor teachers and reward excellent teachers.  And so on…and on and on…


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The Next Generation of Neural Nets


Geoffrey Hinton, a major researcher in the field of neural nets, gives an almost one hour talk on the topic.  Very useful to Singulatarians interested in the brain and efforts toward developing AIs.


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A Cool Poll for Singulatarians

How soon will machine intelligence surpass human intelligence.  I voted with Vernor Vinge’s assessment?  I believe accelerating tech is accelerating so fast that this will happen sometime in the 2020s.  How do you vote?

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When will we be transhuman?



This essay has one answer.  Mine is “when our science and tech are speeding up so fast that they’re doubling in hours…minutes…seconds.”


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Everything Robotic

Speaking of robots, check this story out in Next Big Future, a noteworthy blog on accelerating technology.  I believe this will prove to be yet another pathway to nanotechnology:  The development of much more flexible industrial robots.  We may easily presume that this tech will be miniaturized over time until the industrial robots become nanobots:

A new breed of flexible industrial arms is on its way. Almost all major companies in industrial robotics are trying to bring to market a similar kind of robot to cater to the needs of new-age manufacturing. Traditional companies like ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman and Fanuc are trying to bring their robots out of their cages in a step by step manner of evolution, while new entrants and researchers are trying to build entirely new kinds of revolutionary devices.

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Tale of the Swarmanoid

No, this isn’t a new science fiction story, it’s a video showing real miniature robots cooperating as they retrieve a book from a shelf.  I believe this is yet another step towards nanotechnology, future tech in which the ability of trillions of nanobots to cooperate with one another will be demonstrated.

In a striking display of military-like precision, the robotic team, dubbed the “Swarmanoid“, attacks the problem with flying “eye-bots” and rolling “foot-bots”. A “hand-bot” then fires a grappling hook-like device up to the ceiling and scales the bookshelf. Footage of the experiment, conducted by Marco Dorigo at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and colleagues, won the video competition at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence in San Francisco earlier this week (an edited version appears above).

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