A Short Intro

The title of my new blog may be a bit off-putting.  But, as a Singulatarian, I find that the blunt statement ‘Optimism will be the new realism’ to be the most succinct way of conveying the meaning of the technological singularity to readers.

What is the technological singularity?  It depicts a time when accelerating technology is accelerating so fast–days, hours, minutes, seconds–that human beings and human society is transformed into something so advanced we can’t even imagine it now.

I believe this will happen sometime this century and I suspect it will happen before we reach the 2040s.

This blog will address current technological trends and project them into the future, describing as best I can what I think life will be like as we approach the technological singularity.  It will also attempt to describe the cultural impact of accelerating technology on our daily lives and derive some form of metaphysical meaning from the revolutionary changes we are facing.

I’ll include links to the most interesting Singulatarian blogs and web sites and news items that chart the contemporary course of accelerating technology.  I’ll also include links to my own more lengthy essays dealing with these issues elsewhere on the Web.

I hope you help me by including some of the best of the rest in your comments.  I promise to follow up on your leads.

First, to get you started, here’s a link to a group I’m actively engaged in.  The Speculist is a fine blog engaged in speculations about the Singularity.  Their motto is “Live to see it.”  As you read their blog entries, you’ll discover how appropriate that phrase is.


They also produce a radio show, FastForwardRadio, on BlogTalk Radio.  I’m their chathost.  As of now, the show generally runs live on Wednesday nights at 9:00 Central Time.  Check it out.  And please, participate in the chatroom.


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