Science Fiction Becoming Fact?

Here’s a story that may not appear to be related to things Singularity, but if our science and technology are accelerating as fast as I think they are, we may be able to prove weird stuff like this sooner than we could possibly anticipate!

The theory that invokes these bubble universes – a theory formally called “eternal inflation” – holds that such universes are popping into and out of existence and colliding all the time, with the space between them rapidly expanding – meaning that they are forever out of reach of one another.

But Hiranya Peiris, a cosmologist at University College London, and her colleagues have now worked out that when these universes are created adjacent to our own, they may leave a characteristic pattern in the CMB.

“It would be a pretty amazing thing to show that we have actually made physical contact in another universe”

–George EfstathiouUniversity of Cambridge

“I’d heard about this ‘multiverse’ for years and years, and I never took it seriously because I thought it’s not testable,” Dr Peiris told BBC News. “I was just amazed by the idea that you can test for all these other universes out there – it’s just mind-blowing.”

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