Or, Perhaps Accelerating Technology is Invisible…

…to most people in the world.  When do you think acceleration will become visible and very obvious to almost everyone?  My guess is when the doubling effect of science and technology goes down to a year or two.

Perhaps this shouldn’t  be too surprising, many of us live in the mundane, harsh reality of the now. Day to day life, war, debt, unemployment, death and  taxes are difficult enough to grapple with without taking time out to contemplate the vast implications of a Technological Singularitypredicted to emerge sometime between 2029 to 2050. Such a thing to the average man or woman can seem so distant, it may as well be ten thousand years away.  Despite the fact that many of the emergent technologies related to the Singularity hold the prospect to solve or (at the very least) reduce the severity of many of the major world problems we face; public interest in one of the most transformative ideas of our  time remains lackluster.


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