Optimism is the ONLY Realism

I like the way author Jamie Pope thinks.  He takes his own family’s history and sees what I see:  Accelerating technology at work, reshaping our lives:

If I were asked to summarize what I have learned from my education and life experience, I would say that optimism is the only realism since it’s the only thing congruent with reality. Upon viewing my family history and the history of our country through an economic and humanitarian perspective, it’s impossible to assume otherwise; let’s take a moment to examine history by stepping back two generations to understand such an assertion.

My paternal grandfather, born in 1890, was born when America was an agrarian society. At that time 50% of all workers engaged in food production, 50% of all homes had no running water, and just over 33% of the population had, at minimum, a high school diploma. The equine economy boomed since the model T was merely an imagining of Henry Ford’s; there were no radios, and one’s life expectancy was the ripe old age of 49.

Moving forward forty years, my father was born when automobiles and machinery were commonplace: everyone had a radio, and traditional farm life began to fade rapidly. The Panama Canal was built, the use of horses was no longer a standard, and Edison invented everything from the phonograph to the light bulb. America had fought in WWI and won, and our country had raised health standards considerably thereby expanding life expectancy.  [And so on…]

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Optimism-is-the-Only-Realism&id=2172203

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