We Need a 14th Book

Vanessa Miemi, blogger of Emergent by Design and head of the Future of Money project, recently summarized the contents of 13 books on the future of money.  Most of them are environmentalist manifestos determined to rid us of what their authors consider the excesses of capitalism.  None of them (from what I can tell) deal with the profound impact accelerating technology will have on capitalism and all other forms of economics.

We need a 14th book on the future of money, one that will describe acceleration’s impact on our future lives, especially how nanotechnology will end all known physical scarcities and render money (as a system of scarcity management) obsolete.  We need a 14th book that will promote far more freedom for every individual on Earth, instead of being a shill for more statist control over our lives.

Perhaps Eric Drexler’s book on abundance (scheduled for publication next year) will be that 14th book.  I hope so.

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